Hardness Tester
Ultrasonic Thickness gauge



With the QS5 E you can measure painted metal structures and parts. The unit discards the paint and measures the base material only so that you no longer have to scrape the paint off.

Switch between Pulse-Echo (Echo-1) for regular measurements, and Echo-Echo (Echo-2) for thru-paint measurements, by simply touching the "Echo" key on the front panel. 

In Pulse-Echo mode other materials such as plastics, acrylics, ceramics and glass among others can also be measured.



  • Pulse-Echo
    0.6 to 500mm /
    0.025 to 19.999in Depending on transducer and material
  • Echo-Echo
    2.5mm to 25mm /
    0.98 to 0.098in
    with a coating of up to 2mm / 0.078in
    Depending on transducer, material, and coating
  • Resolution:
    0.01mm / 0.001in


  • Metric (mm)
  • Imperial (in)
  • Temporary (us)


  • Auto, 1 point (no Cal key) Calibrate using the test block on the front panel
  • 2 point calibration


Graphic LCD Display

  • LCD 128x64 pixels
  • LED backlight illumination (ON, OFF, Auto)
  • Digit sizes:
    12 and 17mm /               0.47 and 0.66in
    Depending on view mode
  • Adjustable digital contrast    



  • Low & High, user defined
  • Material Condition
  • Alarm Types
    Visible: Flashing backlight and irregular digits
    Audible: Intermitent beep


  • Echo key to switch measuring modes (Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo)
  • Coupling energy level indicator
  • Material condition analyzer (corrosion, pitting)
  • B-Scan graphic representations
  • Adjustable gain and trigger
  • Capture minimum
  • Statistics
  • On screen materials velocity chart




  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Model Upgrade Licenses

  • Upgrade to a QS5 DLE with the purchase of a license

Data Logger

  • 32000 readings that can be viewed on the unit screen


  • Type Lemo "00" connectors for transducer
  • The USB port can be used if upgrading to a QS5 DLE



  • 5 year limited on electronics
  • 6 months on accessories

Front Panel

  • Touch-Sense with sensitivity adjustment
  • No mechanical parts
  • Auto pressure recognition
  • Auto scrolling recognition


Power Supply

  • 2 x AA 1.5v Alkaline
  • 2 x AA 1.2v Ni-MH Rechargeable
  • Easy slide battery compartment cover



  • H: 117mm / 4.60in
  • L: 78.74mm / 3.10in
  • W: 24mm / 0.94in


  dmq QS5 E standard configuration  


  dmq QS5 E electronic unit  
  dmq 5MHz standard transducer  
  Coupling gel  
  Printed user manual  
  High impact carrying case  
  Certificate of conformity  
DP10 dp300

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