Hardness Tester
Ultrasonic Thickness gauge


Connect a dmq type G impact device to the QH5 and measure the hardness in massive, founded, and or forged parts with rough surface finishes. In Brinell measure up to 650 HB.

All QH5 models feature histogram graphics, real time statistics, selectable viewing modes, a Data Logger to store 32000 readings that can be sent to a PC, and much more.


  • Impact rebound Leeb method
  • Resolution of +/- 1HL
  • Accuracy +/- 4HL
    (0.5% at 800HL)
    Depending on material being tested

Impact Device

  • Types:
  • Compatibility:
    Generic brands
    dmq CalTag

    With CalTag technology dmq impact devices can be changed or replaced without having to calibrate the electronic unit.

Impact Angles

  • User selectable
    0°, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180°
  • Program direct access key for angle selection

Graphic LCD Display

  • LCD 128x64 pixels
  • LED backlight illumination (ON, OFF, Auto)
  • 12mm / 0.47in tall digits
  • Adjustable digital contrast 



  • Low & High, user defined
  • Number of impacts
  • Alarm Types
    Visible: Flashing backlight and irregular digits
    Audible: Intermitent beep

Front Panel

  • Touch-Sense with sensitivity adjustment
  • No mechanical parts
  • Auto pressure recognition
  • Auto scrolling recognition




  • Steel and Cast Steel
  • Grey Cast Iron
  • Spheroid Iron



  • HL (Leeb)
  • HB (Brinell)
  • HRB (Rockwell B)
  • Rm (Mechanical Ressistance)
    User Units
  • USR-A
  • USR-B


  • Automatic hardness unit conversions
  • User defined units
  • Direct access key
  • Realtime graphics
  • Realtime statistics
  • Alarms
  • Selectable view modes
  • Measuring modes
  • Internal clock


Model Upgrade Licenses

  • Upgrade to a QH5 M with the purchase of a license

Data Logger

  • 32000 readings that can be sent to a PC using dmq DataCenter software
  • 8 folders with 10 character alphanumeric naming
  • 2 capture modes
    Manual: Touch "Store" key
    Auto: Automatically stores values
  • Date and time register


  • USB to connect to a PC (cable included) or RS232 (optional cable)
  • USB to connect to a Thermal Printer (optional cable and printer)
  • RS232 (optional cable) to connect a 40 column printer (not included)
  • Type Lemo 0B 3-pin impact device connector




  • 5 year limited on electronics
  • 6 months on accessories

Measuring Ranges

  • 200 a 960 HL (Leeb)
  • Steel and Cast Steel
    90-646 HB (Brinell)
    48-100 HRB (Rockwell B)
    305-2194 N/mm2 (Rm)
  • Grey Cast Iron
    92-326 HB (Brinell)
  • Spheroid Iron
    127-364 HB (Brinell)

    User Units

Power Supply

  • 2 x AA 1.5v Alkaline
  • 2 x AA 1.2v Ni-MH Recargable
  • Easy slide battery compartment cover




  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese


  • H: 117mm / 4.60in
  • L: 78.74mm / 3.10in
  • W: 24mm / 0.94in


  dmq QH5 G standard configuration  


  dmq QH5 G electronic unit  
  dmq type G impact device with CalTag  
  HLG test block  
  Coupling paste  
  USB cable to connect to PC  
  CD with dmq DataCenter software  
  Printed user manual  
  SE520 high impact carrying case  
  Certificate of conformity  
DP10 dp300

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