Ultrasonic Thickness gauge
dmq QS Series thickness gauges are used to measure the wall thickness of materials and parts even where access to only one side of the wall is possible. Measure metals subject to corrosion and wear, with and without coatings, as well as plastics, ceramics, and glass among others.

dmq QH Series Leeb hardness testers are used to measure the hardness of raw metals and metal parts. Take the unit with you to test incoming materials, classify and identify parts in stock, test large or heavy parts, measure in hard to reach areas, and test parts in manufacturing.
dmq QC Series coating thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of dry coatings and platings applied over both ferrous and non-ferrous bases. Paint, varnish, laquer, niquel, chrome and many more can all be measured in production as well as in quality control.
dmq QSV Series sound velocity gauges are used to determine material types based on their thickness. And in the foundry industry, sound velocity is also used to calculate nodularity percentages in order to establish the type of cast iron.
dmq DataCenter is data transfer and processing software available for all dmq instruments with a Data Logger. Values stored in the unit memory can be sent to a PC so that they can be analyzed and processed using tools provided in DataCenter
DP10 dp300

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