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Ultrasonic Thickness gauge



DataCenter is used to install software updates - when available - to all "5 Series" dmq models. But DataCenter is mainly used to transfer data stored in the unit memory to a PC in all dmq models with a Data Logger (letters "DL").

With the tools provided in DataCenter, values can then be exported to Excel, saved to the hard disk of your PC, analyzed in statistical and graphical forms, printed, and used to generate custom reports.

DataCenter is UNIVERSAL software. The same software is used on all dmq instruments with a Data Logger. And best of all, DataCenter is FREEWARE. Download the latest version of DataCenter Universal Sofware at no charge!


Open Grid Files

  • Select Cells
  • Create Graphic
  • Delete/Restore Cell
  • See Cell History
  • Add/Edit Comment
  • Add/Edit Image
  • Change/Select Unit




  • Add/Edit Comments
  • Delete Comments
  • See Cell History
  • Delete/Restore Cell





  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Average
  • Range
  • Standard Deviation




  • Files
  • Configuration
  • Update

Create Graphics

  • Zoom
  • Show Dividers
  • Show Alarms
  • Invert Axis
  • Graphic Type






  • Wrong Values
  • Isolated Errors
  • Optimal Values
  • Acceptable Values
  • SCAN Block Type Cells
  • By Time and Date
  • By Entire File or Selected Values



  • High
  • High Prevention
  • Low
  • Low Prevention



Save Grid Files

  • dmq Files qX (*.qX)
  • Files for Excel ( *.csv)

Reports Editor

  • Object Based: Text, Lines, Grid, Graphic, and more...
  • Create Templates
  • Print Reports
  • Save Reports
  • Create Multiple Page Reports




  • Optimal
  • Acceptable
  • Optimal + Acceptable
  • High Errors
  • Low Errors
  • Total Errors



DataCenter Configuration

  • Change Colors
  • Preferences
  • Grid Files
  • Graph Cells
    Minimum System Requirements  


  Operating System: XP/Win 7/Win 8-DC Ver. 1.10.15
  Memory 128 MB  
  Monitor 1024 x 768  
  Hard disk space 20 MB  
  USB or Serial (COM) port  
  CD player  
DP10 dp300

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