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Demeq that in English stands for "Digital Electronic Measuring EQuipment", was open for business in October of 2010. We are a young and dynamic company located in Argentina, a country that is probably more associated with gaucho's (our local version of cowboys), tango music, and beef, than it is with technology. But going back to the late 1940's and early 50's Argentina had already built jet planes (Pulqui I) and artificially tested nuclear reactions (RA-1). And October of 2014, ArSat-1, the first satelite "made in Argentina" by INVAP, a Demeq customer, was launched from the French Guyanas.

At Demeq we don't build satelites, we don't come even close, but we share the entrepenurial spirit that it the backbone of this far away country that inspires individuals such as ourselves, the 3 founders of Demeq, to succeed as dedicated professionals.

With 15+ years experience in the field of NDT developing and manufacturing portable instruments we now offer a complete line of portable instruments that are exported to over 15 countries. So we have come long ways since our doors opened and we still have ways to go with very exciting instruments being launched each year. This is all we do and what we do best.

And the truth is that non of this would have been possible without the support of suppliers, distributors, and users such as yourself who give us the opportunity to become a part of your industry.

Thank you all for letting us work with you!

David, Diego, and Martin




  · To continue developing innovative instruments

· To apply the latest components and technologies into our products

· To continue working closely with end users to learn about their needs

· To develop custom made systems to meet specific demands

· To provide high quality products and outstanding service


  · Demeq's compromise is to offer reliable & high quality instruments that will make measurement and inspection jobs easier and more efficiently

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